What is a Bank Statement Mortgage Loan?

Mortgage loan approvals for self-employed borrowers has been labeled as very challenging ever since the housing crisis from 2008-2010. The reason for this is largely due to lots of self-employed borrowers not showing sufficient income on their tax returns due to their many write-offs.

Business owners and 1099 contractors tend to deduct all the expenses they are allowed to under federal law. Fortunately, the bank statement loan has become a great income verification option for self-employed borrowers seeking a mortgage who don't want to provide copies of tax returns.

This alternative income loan product allows you to count 100% of job-related deposits on personal bank account statements OR when using business bank statements as much as 90%. These are known as "bank statement loan" programs which I am licensed to originate in the states of California, Colorado, Florida and Texas.

Under this program's guidelines, you need to provide 12-24 months of your business and/or personal bank statements. The lender’s underwriter reviews the monthly deposits that are work related, averages them over 12 or 24 months, and uses that amount as your monthly qualifying income.

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Bank Statement Mortgage Loan Overview

  • Business or Personal Accounts is Acceptable
  • Up to 90% financing (using 12 or 24 months) to $2 million
  • Self-employed, including 1099 contractors
  • W2 salary Co-borrower is okay
  • No tax transcript forms or copies of 1040 returns
  • Minimum middle credit score of 660
  • Maximum Loan Amount: $5,000,000 (#FL)

Bank Statement Loan Documentation Requirements

Firstly, one borrower must be self-employed. Gather these documents for the underwriter to review:

  • Business or state or federal license covering two years and/or CPA letter confirming your self-employment
  • 12 or 24 months of bank statements (personal or business)
  • If using only business bank statements, an unaudited profit & loss statement for past 12 to 24 months or business expense letter preferably by a licensed CPA or enrolled tax preparer.
  • 2 months of liquid asset statements to show you have two to six months of the new mortgage payment in liquid reserves for best rates.

We Have Some of the Best Bank Statement Mortgage Lenders and Programs

This is right in my wheelhouse as I close many of these loan products and know exactly what underwriters look for. You'll benefit with:

  1. Lower Fees
  2. Competitive Low Rates
  3. Closing in 30-40 days

Additional bank statement mortgage questions and answers.

Profit & Loss Loan Program

A recent introduction to the self-employed mortgage options is the P&L Loan.

How does it work?
The borrower(s) requests their CPA to provide a Profit & Loss (P&L) statement for either last year or two full calendar years back (example: 2018 & 2019 tax schedules) and a YTD profit and loss for the current year.
With 24 months P&L you can get a maximum of 90% financing with 720 FICO scores.
With 12 months, up to 85% financing may be offered to qualified borrowers.

No bank statements, no tax returns and no IRS tax transcripts are given.
Borrower must have at least a 25% ownership the previous tow years
The business needs to have been making money during the last two years.
80% financing maximum with a middle FICO credit score of 680 and above


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Want a True No Income Documentation Loan?

We have a no income verification program that does not require any income documentation at all.
• No Tax Returns Required
• No 1099s
• No Pay-Stubs
• No W2’s
• Yes - Liquid Asset statements

A 25-percent down payment is required for a purchase transaction and 70-percent financing for refinancing. Additional criteria is needed as well which is why it's recommended to contact an experienced loan officer (like myself) that specializes in no income verification loans.

Who is this loan best suited for?

Perfect for borrowers who are self-employed or retired and have 30-percent down payment and 1-2 years of the proposed mortgage payment in reserves OR have $1 million in liquid assets. Primary, vacation, and investment properties are eligible.
Minimum Loan Amount: $453,100

Investment Property No Doc Loan

There is a no income and no job disclosure program that you may qualify for based off the property's rent or a rent survey. Borrower(s) will need at least a 20-percent down payment. Not all borrowers or properties are eligible.

  • No Personal Income disclosed
  • No Job information
  • No Tax returns, No 1099s, No Pay-Stubs, No W2’s
  • Yes - Credit scores over 680 without major derogatory events in last 4 years
  • Yes - Rents must be ≥ to new mortgage payment (P.I.T.I). Example: rent is $3,000, mortgage is $2,500
  • Yes - Liquid Assets to cover the down payent and 6-12 months reserve

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